Specials for the Lenten season

The Lenten season, running from Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter, allows believers to prepare for Easter (the resurrection of Christ) by prayer and “cleansing” themselves by fasting.

As such, Classic Bakery is proud to offer a number of special items just in time for Lent. With Eastern Europe roots, many of our in-store recipes have either Polish or Slavic history.

To start the Lenten season, our bakery will be offering Paczki and King Cake.


Paczki are essentially “Polish donuts”.  They originated from households trying to use up lard, sugar, eggs, and fruit before the fasting season began.

The dough used for Paczki is not our typical donut dough, and while fried, each Paczki is larger and heavier. Fillings are house-made from scratch custard, fruit, or lemon, and either glazed or covered with powdered sugar.

They will be available in-store up through Fat Tuesday. (The day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.)

King Cake

King Cake is a sweet bread made into a ring. It is similar to a bundt cake, in the sense that there’s a hole in the middle. However, the dough is completely different.

Traditionally, King Cake is iced and then colored with sugar in green, purple, and gold: three colors for the Three Kings.

Green represents faith, gold represents power, and purple represents justice.

Depending on the region, King Cakes are baked with a small plastic baby, bead, bean, ring, etc inside.  Since the cakes were shared amongst family members, the person receiving the piece with something extra inside was thought to receive good luck/good fortune for the rest of the year.

For choking hazard issue, our little plastic baby is NOT baked into the cake, but rather sitting in the middle like the cake is a giant flotation device.